Tuesday, April 13, 2010

what a memorable day...+_+

saturday, my father was very exited with his new car...even the mechanic just take only 1 day to repair the car..but my father was easily beleive that the car is, after eating we were rushing towards home coz i got an interview the next day..i did'nt prepare anything for, our mission is reach the home as early as we can..

the TRAGEDY happen without give any warning..
my father's car suddenly broke down at ipoh..near the tunnel...hah!
at that moment i cant express how i feeling were mixing with a hundreds of question mark.???????

~ cane nk balik umah..?

~interview esok...ah..photostat belum lagi..pengesahan pun belum..

actually i felt really worry about the preparation..but that's for my future..!

confusing with the situation..~
luckily, there a polis bantuan that least they help us..

kete bapak aku kene tarik sampai tol kuale~then my bapak sedara continue tarik that car..until for about 4.00 a.m...................
we reach our home..

so , i continue my work,
to: print my all document for the interview..
4.30.a.m..~i could feel that my eyes could'nt stand, i went to sleep..huuaa..~=p
tenkiu moshi moshi :))

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