Wednesday, April 7, 2010

time for the interview~

6 april 2010- which is yesterday..i went for jpa interview in institut teknologi pendidikan pulau pinang with my father..i went there early coz actually we never reach that place before,,with the help of google map we estimate that we will reach that place for about 2 hours journey..~but our expectation is realy wrong.just 1 hour..we reach kepala batas..

oh no..wat we gonna do to wait until 2.00 p.m ha..?
wat a long time to wait...~hah!

so we went to the book shop in that area...i did'nt bought anything~after that my crazy lil brotger ask my father to go to the cc..~he always want to play cso. that way he is crazy i think..hahaha..
then at noon, we ate at one malay restaurant..of cos i choose "lauk ayam" bcoz it is my fveret..
finish eating...we went to the institute,waiting for about 3 hours then my name was called..~i'm the last group in panel 2...i felt quite relax because i know that my chance to get it is very low..~Sad crying? uh, no time for that i think..
my group is all chinese.. with 11A..~

so our interview session begin..
1.we introduce our self
2.discussion : what can we do to PSD for their willing to contribute us a help.?
(something like that)
: kebaikan menabung
-even this question like a primary school level, but it is hard for me to think about the answer..sitting at the chair is not like the outside environment...freezing...~
lastly, the interviewers ask what can we do for jpa if jpa give us a chance to hold the scholarship..

oh..that's all~just take 30 mins.but we are the last one..the other panel, 1,3,4,5 were already finish...lil. bit tnsion.~Computer Smash

tenkiu moshi moshi :))

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