Monday, April 26, 2010

patah sayap.?

saya sdih lgi...i day cm more than 1 year..ahah...

                 salah ke..salah ke..salah ke...
em..t awak nk blaja jauh gn sya..

    wa..bile lg sya leh jumpe awak...
      i mish u..!!!

i call u..but..
u still marah i..wa...xkn everynight i nk nges...=(

adekah aku menjadi sang merpati yg patah sayapnya..terbang tiada lagi haluan..
adekah aku tidak mampu meneruskan lagi hidup kerana mu...
memang sesungguhnya aku mencintaimu..namun aku pasrah ketentuan dariNya..
andai dapat diundur masa..aku akan menjadi lebih baik dari ini...
dan yang pastinya..aku akan cuba untuk tidak melukakan hatimu, walau kdgkala hatiku ini yg mjenjadi mgsa penderaan..ah!hidup ini, benar penuh liku..akulah pejuang yang satu..
tenkiu moshi moshi :))

Sunday, April 25, 2010

kcewa @ tidak.?

mase cek matrik ari tu....

Tahniah! Anda telah ditawarkan ke Program Matrikulasi,
Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia.
No Kad Pengenalan: 92080908****
Program Pengajian : PROGRAM SATU TAHUN
Kursus: M001-SAINS
Tarikh Mendaftar: 10 MEI 2010

oh..gembiranya terasa..dapat mtrik dlam ngeri sndiri mmg syok la..blik pn leh sllu..=)

tpi,mase cek maktab..

Harap Maaf, Nama anda [SITI SA'ADAH BINTI SAIDIN]-[92080908****] tidak tersenarai dalam calon layak temu duga Kursus Perguruan Lepas SPM Ambilan Jun 2010 . yg nk nges ni..sedih..sob2..=(

dan..barulah aku sedari,
tidak semua apa yang kita inginkan bakal kita kecapi, dan xsemua peluang terbuka untuk, life must go on..maybe bnyk lagi pintu yg terbuka utk kite..kan2..=)

pasni tgu UPU lak..tgoklah nasib cmne lak..
tenkiu moshi moshi :))

memang benar salahku..

andai aku bisa merubah waktu..ya..mmg aku xkn buat cmni..
yes!i know my fault dear..~i'm really sorry...=(
sy tawu, awak masih marahkan sy kn..
btl la kata awk.. kdgkala saya ni ego, n i always want wat i want, without tinkig about you ♥..
i'm sorry..
bukan i x appreciate wat u did to me..i know, sume bnda 2 utk i gak..
but, sometimes u kne realise i ni mmg ntah pape..=(
xpnh nk b'syukur dgn ape yg ada...npelah aku mcm ni..
syg..klu la mmg ni kptsn terakhir awk...
sy takut....
saya pergi dulu tggalkn awak...sya tkut klu ajal datng dulu jemput saya...
but, at least i want u to know someting:

i really9 LoVE u my dear..~
wa..nk nges..=(

tpi, why awak xleh terima apa yg sya ckap..?sbb xkna gn jiwa awak kn..sometimes, everyone has their chances to make a decision right..

xsalah kn apa sy ckap...n sy taw, xsalah jgk klu mmg awak xnk time..its ur..~

klu sya mmg xsmpat jmpa awak dah lpas ni..
sya nk:

awak teruskan jugak perjuangan awk 2...please make ur parents proud
bcoz of you..!!

dan..klu i day..u terbace wat i write here...
i want u to know :

a part of my heart is YOU..i swear it!

dun worry, SASHAHIRDA will always exist..=)
tenkiu moshi moshi :))

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

♥ ♥oh UTP..wait for me.!! ♥ ♥

11-12..eduQuest camp

the jouney to tronoh is nothing....but it is something when i reached the UTP..nervous!!how will my life here..2 days..i guess a long time..

after register i went to the cancelor amazing..if before this i only can see the hall in my friend pictures,, but now i entered it with my self..what a high class hall this UTP own..~

the briefing of the UTP is quite bored..i am 50- 50 that time..sleepy and not..!
i got room 004- village 2..

but what made me felt very dissapointed is...

~i have no rumet!

high tension!!!

tHe liFe muSt go On..
i hold that princip..

my first friend is nadia..she is very nice and cute little girl and of course she is more brilliant than me..=p

eating,taking the exam...~we did it together..

+ second day were quite interview was sux! i can even understand what actually i my question refer to..uh..give up at that time..

~the group discussion also made me stop dreaming..hahaha..saadah..~
kenape la ko x blaja BI siang2 dulu..kalo x jadi la cmni...

just blaming my self for my sux in english and for my nervous during my interview...!!

why that time my heart pumping so much adrenaline..?haha..~

but what will i never forget there is

my experinces..=)

tenkiu moshi moshi :))

beautiful monink...!

i woke up 15 mins to 7 a.m...~very2 sleepy....
but..i can see that my father also busy coz he want to take 'pengesahan' to all my document..

i can feel a big sacrify of my father...i know his mind is full with problem..



~my interview...

ouch! i wnt o cry!dad....i LOVE♥ u..T_T

my mother too..i dunno how much she sacrifice herself for me.. she woke up early that morning to prepare some breakfast for us..oh mum...i LOVe♥ u too..=)

8.00 a.m..i leave home..went for the that time i'm not willing to see my mother's face coz i felt like i want to cry..i donno why.?=(

tenkiu moshi moshi :))

what a memorable day...+_+

saturday, my father was very exited with his new car...even the mechanic just take only 1 day to repair the car..but my father was easily beleive that the car is, after eating we were rushing towards home coz i got an interview the next day..i did'nt prepare anything for, our mission is reach the home as early as we can..

the TRAGEDY happen without give any warning..
my father's car suddenly broke down at ipoh..near the tunnel...hah!
at that moment i cant express how i feeling were mixing with a hundreds of question mark.???????

~ cane nk balik umah..?

~interview esok...ah..photostat belum lagi..pengesahan pun belum..

actually i felt really worry about the preparation..but that's for my future..!

confusing with the situation..~
luckily, there a polis bantuan that least they help us..

kete bapak aku kene tarik sampai tol kuale~then my bapak sedara continue tarik that car..until for about 4.00 a.m...................
we reach our home..

so , i continue my work,
to: print my all document for the interview..
4.30.a.m..~i could feel that my eyes could'nt stand, i went to sleep..huuaa..~=p
tenkiu moshi moshi :))

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

time for the interview~

6 april 2010- which is yesterday..i went for jpa interview in institut teknologi pendidikan pulau pinang with my father..i went there early coz actually we never reach that place before,,with the help of google map we estimate that we will reach that place for about 2 hours journey..~but our expectation is realy wrong.just 1 hour..we reach kepala batas..

oh no..wat we gonna do to wait until 2.00 p.m ha..?
wat a long time to wait...~hah!

so we went to the book shop in that area...i did'nt bought anything~after that my crazy lil brotger ask my father to go to the cc..~he always want to play cso. that way he is crazy i think..hahaha..
then at noon, we ate at one malay restaurant..of cos i choose "lauk ayam" bcoz it is my fveret..
finish eating...we went to the institute,waiting for about 3 hours then my name was called..~i'm the last group in panel 2...i felt quite relax because i know that my chance to get it is very low..~Sad crying? uh, no time for that i think..
my group is all chinese.. with 11A..~

so our interview session begin..
1.we introduce our self
2.discussion : what can we do to PSD for their willing to contribute us a help.?
(something like that)
: kebaikan menabung
-even this question like a primary school level, but it is hard for me to think about the answer..sitting at the chair is not like the outside environment...freezing...~
lastly, the interviewers ask what can we do for jpa if jpa give us a chance to hold the scholarship..

oh..that's all~just take 30 mins.but we are the last one..the other panel, 1,3,4,5 were already finish...lil. bit tnsion.~Computer Smash

tenkiu moshi moshi :))