Tuesday, April 13, 2010

beautiful monink...!

i woke up 15 mins to 7 a.m...~very2 sleepy....
but..i can see that my father also busy coz he want to take 'pengesahan' to all my document..

i can feel a big sacrify of my father...i know his mind is full with problem..



~my interview...

ouch! i wnt o cry!dad....i LOVE♥ u..T_T

my mother too..i dunno how much she sacrifice herself for me.. she woke up early that morning to prepare some breakfast for us..oh mum...i LOVe♥ u too..=)

8.00 a.m..i leave home..went for the that time i'm not willing to see my mother's face coz i felt like i want to cry..i donno why.?=(

tenkiu moshi moshi :))

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