Tuesday, April 13, 2010

♥ ♥oh UTP..wait for me.!! ♥ ♥

11-12..eduQuest camp

the jouney to tronoh is nothing....but it is something when i reached the UTP..nervous!!how will my life here..2 days..i guess a long time..

after register i went to the cancelor amazing..if before this i only can see the hall in my friend pictures,, but now i entered it with my self..what a high class hall this UTP own..~

the briefing of the UTP is quite bored..i am 50- 50 that time..sleepy and not..!
i got room 004- village 2..

but what made me felt very dissapointed is...

~i have no rumet!

high tension!!!

tHe liFe muSt go On..
i hold that princip..

my first friend is nadia..she is very nice and cute little girl and of course she is more brilliant than me..=p

eating,taking the exam...~we did it together..

+ second day were quite interview was sux! i can even understand what actually i my question refer to..uh..give up at that time..

~the group discussion also made me stop dreaming..hahaha..saadah..~
kenape la ko x blaja BI siang2 dulu..kalo x jadi la cmni...

just blaming my self for my sux in english and for my nervous during my interview...!!

why that time my heart pumping so much adrenaline..?haha..~

but what will i never forget there is

my experinces..=)

tenkiu moshi moshi :))

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