Sunday, January 30, 2011

the very HORRIBLE midsem

i just finished my midsem paper. the paper is quite tough.
but the most important..i dont have enough study after every week
i always not in my room..
saturday and sunday..rilex time i guess..
i just playing korean drama..
sleep! great holiday i have in my weekend:)

but when it come one week before exam..
i started to what it said "gelabah kot"
wonder about not much information is in my head that time.
struggle for one week.its really not enough.:(
when it comes to CHEMISTRY..haa..
i think i lost everything..
dissappointed..?very dissappointed wth my self.
just pretending to not thinking bout the paper..
i never aim excellent this time.!
perhaps theres a magic.hehe.. :)

tenkiu moshi moshi :))